The Patriarchs


Before Jesus, before Moses, Before the New Testament, before the Law and the prophets, before the Judges and the Kings, before Elijah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah, before the nation of Israel there were the Patriarchs.


God speaks to you and me through His Word today, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Before Jesus came, God spoke to His people through the Law of Moses and through prophets He sent to them.  


Before the Law of Moses and the prophets God spoke to mankind through the Patriarchs.  The patriarchs were fathers who God chose to begin His plan to redeem mankind from their sin. The first Patriarch was Abraham to whom God revealed His promise that all mankind would be blessed through Abraham’s family (Genesis 12:1-3).  After Abraham, God worked through his son Isaac, then through Isaac’s son Jacob.  From there God created the nation of Israel through Jacob’s sons.  Eventually Jesus was born through Israel and God’s plan was complete.


The Patriarchal Age was a unique period of God’s plan to save you and me.  These Patriarchs were great men of God but they were also imperfect. They made mistakes, many of them huge. Yet God used them to shape His plan to save us.  During our series we will look at the three Patriarchs and consider how we too can be used by God to further His plan in our lives.

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