What Have I Done Now

The Sermon Series

Starts January 13

If you were here January 6, you experienced Jay Bank's thought provoking program that examined the experience David had with Goliath.  You probably laughed, you may have cried, but hopefully those who attended were changed as Jay presented David's underdog challenge with Goliath.

Staring January 13, we will continue these lessons from David as we launch into "What Have I Done Now - the Sermon Series."  Jay told us that "What We Focus On Grows."  If we focus on the Goliaths of our lives, the fear of them just grows stronger.  But if we focus on God, our fears are diminished and our walk with God Grows.

During the series we will Focus on FIVE Virtues David had that, not only helped him defeat Goliath, but more importantly helped him become the godly man that he was, the one after God's own heart (Acts 13:22).

The Virtues are:  Faith, Patience, Humility, Courage and Forgiveness.  During this series we will discover, like David, that if we focus on these virtues, they will grow and as a result, so will our relationship with God.

Start the New Year in worship with us and let's learn how to face our Goliath's.

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